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Course Development

Training materials

Good training materials are the backbone of successful training. Unfortunately, the amount of time and effort required to develop course materials is often much higher than many organizations anticipate. Other job duties, learning new development tools and gathering and filtering the required information all take up time and energy. Many experts suggest a 40:1 ratio when determining how long it will take to develop instructor-led materials.

This means that for a one day course an organization may need to invest as much as eight weeks for development.

MindCross can help you to reduce the effort
and costs associated with course development projects.

The experts at MindCross will work with your staff to help create a customized training curriculum. We can provide help in gathering the information required and developing the training. In addition, we can work with your instructors to ensure they have the skills and tools necessary to successfully deliver the curriculum based. Some specific areas we can help you with include:

  • Working with SME's to create content.
  • Creating courseware for instructor-led, classroom courses.
  • Taking existing courses or presentations and convert them to an online training
  • Complete turnkey course development services to turn your ideas into training - - efficiently and professionally.