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Free eLearning Books!

Christopher Pappas’ Blog has a great list of free books that discuss a wide range of eLearning development topics.

elearning for Educators

Elearning continues to make advances into traditional primary and secondary education. These three special reports from the technology team at Education Week Digital Directions examine the progress made in the e-learning arena and the growing role of e-educators. Read the entire elearning series.

eBooks from the eLearning Guild

Download the eLearning Guild eBooks for information and tips on online training.


72 Tips for Using Media to Engage and Teach

Contributing Editor, Karen Forni

Many organizations expect eLearning designers and developers to be experts in multiple forms of media, including full-motion video, voiceovers, multiple audio effects, and animations that go far beyond flying bullet points and spinning logos.

But few of us have formal education and training in videography, narration, sound design, audio and video editing, and animation design and development. And few of us know what mix of hardware and software will produce the required level of quality for the videos, audio, and animations we produce. It's no wonder so many of us either choose to outsource our multimedia learning elements, or throw up our hands and say, "Text, images, and the occasional sound clip are good enough!"

Don't despair! With today's hardware and software, capturing and producing professional-quality multimedia for learning is easier than ever, and multimedia best practices are well established.

Download this eBook to get up to speed on media for eLearning.


138 Tips on Saving Time, Money & Sanity in Your eLearning

Contributing Editor, Karen Forni

Time, money, sanity: They always seem to be in short supply. So what can you do when you're running low on one of them … or all three?

One of the best things you can do is turn to your fellow members of The eLearning Guild.

In this eBook, eLearning Guild members share 138 creative ideas and insights on how to reduce eLearning costs, save time without sacrificing quality, and maintain your sanity while continually trying to do more with less … from nitty-gritty details about how to make sure you don't go over budget to efficient ways of organizing your content, from knowing how to optimize a small budget to resources to save your sanity, they offer tips that can help with a wide range of areas.

5 Essential Things School Administrators Need to Know about eLearning

There are 5 questions New Jersey School Administrators must use when choosing an online training system provider to meet the requirements of the Anti-Bully Bill of Rights Act.