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Volunteer JumpStart

Volunteer JumpStartDoes your organization need to get volunteers up to speed on your organization's history, mission, or role in the community?  Or, maybe your group needs a fun, interesting ways to explain the basic rules of how a particular program works. Whatever training is needed, the MindCross Volunteer JumpStart program will give your volunteers the information they need to be successful and get excited about working with your organization.

We know that every organization's needs are different, so, no two Volunteer JumpStart solutions are the same. The program can include:

  • A short eLearning module targeted at the critical information the volunteers need to get started
  • Customized web pages designed to inform and train the volunteers
  • A handout or job aide that volunteers can use to learn about the organization or keep with them and refer to no matter where they are

These are just some ideas. For more information about how to put the Volunteer JumpStart to work for you, contact us today.