Technical Support

Data Management and Organization

Managing digital data is a critical task for organizations of all sizes.

Small organizations, non-profits, and Churches are among the groups that suffer most from data organization and management. Many of these groups start small and have little fear of where their data is, who owns it, who has access, and how to mange it, but as time passes these organizations grow and before you know it, the guidelines, plans, procedures, and backup process are amiss.

With so many options, and not enough time, bringing in a consultant to help manage and put process in place can be a life saver!

Data Organization

For data to be useful, it has be be well organized so you can get the information you need when you need it. Having it at your fingertips, knowing how to access it is key. There are different types of data and each type of data may have it's own organizational methods with different tools to access it.

data organization

Data Management

Going hand-in-hand with data organization is data management. Data is a highly valued resource in all organizations. It has to be reliable, secured, and stored appropriately. And if it's not well-maintained, it can be a time consuming task to find what you need.